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Misty Wallace

Director of Operations and Client Care

Misty Wallace is the Director of Operations & Client Care for Coastal Family Wealth Advisory​.  At the firm, she oversees the “Operations and Client Care” teams who deliver her standardized high level of client care consistently provided among the three divisions of the firm; Coastal Family Wealth Advisors, Coastal Family Tax Advisors and Coastal Family Business Advisors.

She has many years of experience in the financial services industry and, prior to joining our firm in 2020, she worked directly with our broker-dealer, Cambridge Investment Research. There, she was able to become a subject matter expert on brokerage account establishment, updates, and processes. Her experience assisting financial professionals as well as their clients has made her a highly valuable asset to the Coastal Family Team.

Misty’s true passion is in helping people and this was the driving force in her decision to join our firm.   She has earned her designation as a Director of Operations and her strong attention to detail, deep industry experience along with her natural curiosity in problem solving, as well as her Operations credential has made her well qualified for the executive position she has earned at the firm.

Clients aren’t always exposed to financial terms and processes frequently enough to feel truly comfortable with them and Misty knows this can cause clients unnecessary stress and confusion. That is why she has worked hard to develop teams committed to providing a unique client experience where a client’s voice is truly heard and they feel very confident in the care they receive.

Whether a client has questions regarding their on-boarding experience, new account paperwork, or simply needing assistance on the phone to request a transfer, Misty heads up a team of professionals who take the role of “client advocate” very seriously and she and her team are here to help clients in whatever way is needed. Ensuring that her team delivers a consistent, people-based experience coupled alongside a very high standard and level of client care is her top priority and main focus, always.

Misty works remotely from Iowa City, Iowa and keeps busy with her two sons, Noah and Louden. When she isn’t providing white glove service to our clients she enjoys hiking, reading, and cooking.

Please feel free to contact Misty at m.wallace@cfwadvisory.com or at (800) 674-2990 ext 3.

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