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Coastal Family Wealth Advisors is a financial services firm that helps people make wise decisions with their money. We aim to bring financial freedom to our clients, giving them the tools they need to enjoy today and plan responsibly for tomorrow. Authenticity, empathy, and a penchant for tackling complex issues are hallmarks of our firm’s success. We look for these same traits in the individuals, families, and businesses we work with daily.


It’s our mission to help you feel:

More Confident in Your Future
Successful With Your Money
Empowered To Make Decisions

Our Fiduciary Standard

We are held to a fiduciary standard and work in the clients’ best interest. We avoid conflicts of interest and must disclose any potential conflicts to clients. Some advisors are not fiduciaries, and are only required to fulfill a suitability obligation. This means they must provide suitable recommendations to their clients, but unlike us, they aren’t required to put their clients’ interest before their own.

One-on-One Attention

We advise based on our own experiences, the ebbs and the flows of life. As technology advancements continue to change the landscape of the financial industry, there will always be a need for dialogue with a real advisor. In an age of automation and do-it-yourselfers, we believe individual attention is more important than ever.

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